Premium quality and certified products for all the Europe

Roican Srl. Produces, researches and distributes the best products of Cbd that you will never find in the European market.

Quality, professionalism and reliability are the founding pillars of Roi Du Chanvre. All of our products are 100% natural, legal and certified. We constantly analyze each product to make sure that it never exceeds 0.2% of THC and that it complies with current European laws.


Trust us for a complete and constant supply

Become part of our network, we supply more than 660 customers in 27 European countries, including companies, wholesalers, resellers and shops!

By producing most of our products and relying on solid partnerships between the largest companies in the sector for the rest, we guarantee our consumers a supply of the highest quality and lasting over time

Product Catalogue

With more than 100 top-quality products in our catalogue including Flowers, Hash, Extracts & Oil sand much more, we supply a large part of the market, ensuring a stable and continuous supply to all our European customers, including wholesalers, retailers, shopkeepers and end consumers.


Shipping throughout Europe within 48 working hours

We monitor each shipment thanks to our system linked to that of our forwarding agents that guarantee safety and traceability to each package

We rely on the best companies in the market for the shipments of our products. Each package is easily traceable and monitored in every step via the Tracking code that will be provided with the order. You will be notified by our forwarder when your package is on its way


More than 2,385 kg of CO2 absorbed with our contribution

Roican Srl. Contributes to agroforestry projects together with Treedom thanks to which more than 2.4 million trees were planted in 2021

We contribute to the fight against deforestation, the protection of biodiversity, the fight against CO2 emissions and the prevention of soil erosion. The organization works for environmental and social benefits with the aim of developing agroforestry projects together with local farmers.


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Every day we are in contact with more than 100 professionals in the sector, including entrepreneu- rs, growers, lawyers, chemists, retailers and companies. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email or through our representative who will answer all your questions.